You are currently viewing Episode 3: What are you selling? – State of the Laundry Industry

Episode 3: What are you selling? – State of the Laundry Industry

Does your online web presence reflect all of the wash and fold services that you provide or does your Yelp presence just show a bunch of machines? 

Find out how to communicate the finished wash and fold product to your customers.  Invest 2 minutes to help enhance your online web presence to attract new customers.

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Welcome to State of the Laundry Industry with Laundry “Matt”, Episode #3, What Are You Selling? In our last episode, we talked about how your online presence is your number one secret for success. But if you really taken a look at your online presence? Does it reflect what you sell?  So, what I mean is, if you offer wash and fold and somebody went to your Yelp page, does it really show that you do wash and fold or pickup and delivery for that matter? I see over and over again; most people’s Yelp pages just shows a lot of washing machines. For wash and fold you really need to show your finished product. You should have pictures of the nice product and bags. People don’t even know what it looks like, but you need to show them. Imagine if you sold ice cream and somebody went to your website and they saw some ice cream makers, but they didn’t see any pictures of ice cream.

So, you got to show the sizzle. The sizzle is the finished product, the wash and fold bag, the nice, neat packaging. And if you’re doing pickup and delivery, you need to show pictures of your beautiful, wrapped vehicle. And again, you could do a pickup and delivery without going all on board with a specific vehicle. You should indicate through photos through imagery, what you offer. And that has to include if you’re doing wash and fold, it needs to show that you do a wash and fold. And if you do pickup and delivery, you need to show it. And you also need to say it. So, take a look at your Yelp page, your Google my business page, and other places. Does it just show a laundromat, or does it show and reflect what you sell? If you would like to learn more about the Curbside Laundries wash and fold point of sale and pickup and delivery solution, go to Also, if you enjoy the program, please subscribe on our YouTube channel, and give it a thumbs up. To subscribe to our podcast, do a search for State of the Laundry Industry and your favorite podcast program.