Our Story

We are not software salesmen, we are Wash and Fold Consultants. We have successfully grown our business and we enjoy helping laundry owners grow their businesses too.


We are a family business. In 1992, we opened a very successful eight thousand square foot laundromat. As our business began to grow, we needed to explore options beyond our physical location to expand our business. We accomplished this by offering a wash and fold pick up and delivery service and now our physical location includes our store front AND our customers’ homes. As a result, our revenues have more than doubled and there is still limitless potential. To grow our business, we developed our own software to manage the wash dry fold process for in store and delivery orders. We now offer our cutting edge technology to other laundromats owners so they can grow their wash dry fold business too.
Our Story - Laundry Business
Our software propelled our laundromat’s success

Our software propelled our
laundromat’s success

Our software is designed by laundromat owners and is designed FOR laundromat owners. We designed our software to streamline the wash and fold process, simplify customer orders, handle payments, track customer orders, and automatically send customers alerts throughout the process. Laundry owners benefit from our robust reporting suite which tracks business and employee performances. Our software allows your wash and fold business to operate seamlessly, which will result in high customer retention and help attract new customers.

Convert online traffic into revenue

Our software solution comes with a high end, search engine friendly website. Our pick-up and delivery service allows our laundromat to serve customers in a 700 square mile area (15 mile radius) versus just serving our immediate neighbors. In addition, our wash and fold delivery customers spend an average $60 per order compared to the $33 average spent by in store customers. Our software is a revenue generator, because it helps you increase the number of your wash and fold orders and helps increase the size of each order.
Convert Online traffic into Revenue​
Our software is hosted in the cloud.

Mind your business

Our software is hosted in the cloud, which means you can view every aspect of your business from anywhere in the world. Our robust reporting suite provides insight into your revenue, business performance, and monitor the pounds laundered by each employee. In addition, you can track every step of any order. You will have strategic insights into your laundromat from the comfort of your home.