How it Works

Curbside Laundries provides a complete software solution for laundromats. Pick and choose what you need for your business.
In-store Point of Sale - Curbside Laundries

In-store Point of Sale

Our laundromat POS system manages the entire wash and fold process and handles over the counter sales.

Pickup & Delivery - Curbside Laundries

Pickup & Delivery

Customers can schedule their orders online. Process, track, and map each order using our software solution.

Laundromat Website - Curbside Laundries

Laundromat Website

We offer a beautiful website for your laundromat, designed to attract new customers.

For in Store Wash & Fold Orders


Your attendant enters in the account information for new customers.

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For returning customers, your attendant finds the customer's name using the search tool.


Your attendant chooses the payment type and takes the initial weight of the clothes.


Launderers can view the list of unprocessed orders and mark them as completed.

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Clothes are weighed and customers with credit cards on file are charged.

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Software automatically texts customer to pickup their clothes when the order is ready.

For Pickup & Delivery Orders


Customers place wash & fold delivery orders from their device.

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Customers choose their pickup and delivery times from a calendar.


Customers add special delivery notes to help the drivers.


Customers send special instructions to their laundry professionals.

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Customers choose their payment method and place their orders.