Frequently Asked Questions

The Curbside Laundries solution automates many aspects of the wash dry fold business, from in-store drop off to pickup and delivery. This FAQ covers questions commonly asked.  If you have additional questions, please use our Contact Form or call us at (562) 533-0053.

Will my wash and fold business benefit from this software, even if I do not do pick-up and delivery?

Yes. Our software helps eliminate mixed up orders, remembers customers' preferences, texts customers when their orders are ready for pickup, monitors employee productivity, tracks new customer acquisition, helps customer retention, tracks machine use, tracks money spent by the attendant on each order, and automatically generates and sends out invoices too! In addition, many of our clients benefit from the SEO enhanced website we provide which helps drive business to your laundromat.

"It's not quite the holy grail of wash and fold software, but it's pretty close!" -Steve M.

What hardware do I need to run the Curbside App?

Our package includes everything you need to get started. We include a point of sale terminal with a built in printer, card reader, a touch screen, a cash drawer, and a commercial USB Scale, which automatically sends the weight of the laundry to the POS system.

How much does it cost?

You only pay for what you need. Let us know if you need an in store wash and fold POS solution for your laundromat, if you need pickup and delivery solution, and/or if you need a laundromat website. Call for a quote.

How long does it take for a customer to drop off an order using your software?

It takes less than 30 seconds for returning customers to drop off an order. The software automatically retrieves the weight from the scale, remembers the customers' preferences, securely keeps their credit card on file, emails the customer a receipt, and texts the customer when their order is ready for pickup.

Does the Curbside app work with dry cleaning too?

Yes. Our software makes it easy for laundromats to outsource and track dry cleaning orders. The software keeps track of where the dry cleaning orders are and notifies the customer once their laundry AND dry cleaning is ready for store pickup or delivery. We'll teach you how to negotiate with the dry cleaner so you can earn over 50% margins.


What is included in the monthly subscription?

Your subscription includes continuous software updates packed with new features, unlimited tech support over the phone, website hosting, software hosting, unlimited text messaging, unlimited e-mails, cloud based printing, automatic backups, SSL certification, and business consultation.

How do I keep my software up to date?

Curbside Laundries software is always up to date with the latest version, because it is web based. We update our software with new money making features about once a month.

How are new features tested for reliability?

New features are tested in house at Curbside, then Alpha tested at our laundromat where we process over 1,000 wash and fold orders per month. Then we test the new features with our Beta Testers. Only after the new features are thoroughly tested and updated with client feedback, then we roll out the new features to all of our Curbside Laundries software clients.

Is this considered Customer Relationship Software (CRM)?

Our software solution is categorized as Point of Sale (POS) and business management software; however, it has significant Customer Relationship Software features. Customers can manage their own payment methods, schedule deliveries, and view their order history. Our software automatically notifies customers when their laundry is ready for pick up, when the driver is on their way, when their laundry has been picked up, when there is a failed credit card payment, and sends reminders to pickup their orders.

Commercial clients are able to review and pay their invoices online, too.

What type of training do you provide?

Training is conducted through an online meeting using screen share. The first training session is designed to dial in the software to match your laundromat's needs, products offered, and pricing.

The second training is focused on how to take in and process orders. Additional training is offered by request at no additional cost. We provide unlimited phone support at no additional cost.

We have an online instruction manual, training videos, and quick guides covering specific tasks.

Do you charge a flat fee or require a percentage of my gross revenue?

We do not take a percentage of your gross revenue. We charge a one time setup fee to create your customized application and a flat monthly fee. This is custom software designed to reflect your brand.

Does your software store the customers' credit card data?

Customers have the option of having their payment option saved to make future orders faster and more convenient.

The card information is saved with, which is PCI compliant and owned by VISA.

How long does it take to get started?

It takes two to three weeks to set up your custom branded Curbside Laundries application.

How often has the Curbside Laundries software had a glitch where it completely shuts down?

We use Microsoft Azure. It is a premium app hosting solution and is very reliable. Microsoft Azure had one outage over the last 2 years for an hour or two.

Have you experienced a loss of information, specifically customer information?

Never. We use Microsoft Azure and everything is backed up.

What makes your laundromat website special?

We offer a stylish website for your laundromat, which makes it easy for customers to schedule their pickup and deliveries online.

There is no shortcut to a quality website. A copy and paste website does not rank nearly as well as a website with custom content that is localized. We have SEO experts provide guidance for each page of the website and write custom content incorporating the latest SEO techniques. We have helped hundreds of clients earn top spots in Google.

Ready To See It In Action?

Our software processes fluff & fold and dry cleaning orders for both in store and delivery business.