Learn how to start and grow your wash and fold delivery business at your laundromat.

Our laundry delivery business at our laundromat doubled in just two years and now makes more than our in store wash and fold business, which does pretty well too. More than ever, customers want their dirty laundry picked up from their homes and delivered clean and freshly folded. This video is for new and experienced route operators, plus those just exploring revenue opportunities.

Over 350 laundry owners registered for this webinar about pickup and delivery and nearly 2,000 people have watched it online.
We're confident you will learn at least one new thing that can help you make a bunch of money.


You will learn how to:

  • Attract residential and commercial client
  • How to convert website traffic into paying customers
  • Branding techniques that will make you more money
  • Choosing the right vehicle
  • Hiring the right driver
  • Finding the right wash and fold software to manage the business
  • The best areas to serve
  • The best types of routes to run