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You don't know how to raise wash and fold prices, until you know how NOT to raise wash and fold prices.
Bill shares marketing techniques, we show a sample text marketing message, Bill explains how Laundry Pickup and Delivery was the ONLY reason his laundromat did
Curbside Laundries provides point of sale software specifically designed to manage the wash
Check out our new commercial for our wash and fold
At Curbside Laundries, we work with hundreds of laundry owners who offer pickup and delivery.
The biggest blessing that happened was we caught them starting the machines without putting money in.
This video also explores how pickup and delivery is a growing market
To learn more about the curbside LA’s pickup delivery, and wash and fold and point of sale solution,
The way I got into the pickup delivery business was honestly through curbside.
The Coin Laundry Association is having a wash and fold workshop on November 16th and 17th,