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Ensure the right machine mix is used on each order
You will soon have the option to have customers choose to pay for their wash and fold WHEN they pick it up.
Find out the most common wash and fold mistakes and how to avoid them.
Find out how a top notch website for your laundromat can earn you new customers. We provide an enterprise grade website for your laundromat as
The website is going to be your lowest cost method that will work for you 24/7
The per item charges are often times things like comforters, where the price depends on the size.
Sell over the counter laundry items using the Curbside Laundries Register. Get notified in real time if there is a cash reconciliation issue, missing inventory,
The software enhances the customer experience, because customers are able to quickly drop off their clothes,
We include a top notch website with our software, because we want to help our customers be successful.
Our reports help you grow your business, retain customers, track every order, track your employees’ productivity, and track your revenue.