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How to get Commercial Clients for Your Laundromat

WHY should you go after commercial accounts?

Commercial accounts spend more money per order.  Our pickup and delivery commercial accounts average 160 pounds per pickup!  That’s over $250 per order.

How to get Commercial Wash and Fold Accounts

Commercial accounts are often considered the holy grail for laundry owners, because they give you more clothes, they are consistent, and they have a single payer.  Many laundry owners wonder, How do I get commercial accounts for my laundromat?  It turns out most laundromats can can the number of commercial accounts they have on two fingers.  At our laundromat, we have dozens of commercial accounts and process about 1,500 pounds of laundry a day.  We tried hiring a telemarketer to find commercial accounts, but that was a waste of money.  We sent out mailings and got minimal responses.  In this webinar, we reveal our secrets to success.  First you have to identify the industries that need our service, identify the garment types that they need wash and fold services for, and then customize your website to increase your domain authority in these areas.  This webinar takes you step by step through this process.