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Not All Laundromat Websites are the Same

We had a great time at the Clean Show 2017 in Las Vegas.

Many of our fellow exhibitor neighbors asked us what we were selling, because they hadn’t seen a 10 by 10 booth draw crowds like that. We had seven people demonstrating our wash and fold software, but it wasn’t quite enough. If you would like one-on-one wash and fold software consultation, call us at (562) 533-0053.

The #1 feedback we got from laundry owners was that our wash and fold software does it all. It is your in store point of sale POS, manages the wash and fold process from beginning to end, allows your customers to schedule their own pick up and deliveries, it keeps track of dry cleaning orders, provides real time reporting from any computer, includes an enterprise grade website and much more. We are laundry owners and designed the software from the ground up to help solve common issues laundry owners experience.

We include a top notch website with our software, because we want to help our customers be successful. The websites we provide are designed to rank at the top of Google and Bing. Our websites are built by Marathon Consulting, which is an Inc 500 company and they consult with you to help build your residential and commercial business. Here is a sample of a website we provide:

Our laundromat’s website immediately resulted in the business of an annual ice skating show. We launder their heavy coats every day for three months every year. Recently our website attracted the business of a refinery, who gave us 600 pounds of overalls every day for 45 days. These commercial clients did not find us by driving through Long Beach, they found our website, which was designed by Marathon Consulting. Operating your laundromat without an optimized website is like having a sign that doesn’t light up at night, you are missing out on business.

Originally, we paid someone $500 to design a website for our laundromat. Despite the roughness of the design, our business went up significantly, because it let Google know that we existed. A few years later, we paid thousands of dollars for a ‘prettier’ website that we thought was better, but it turned out to be no more effective than the $500 website. Pretty doesn’t always mean better.

Then we were introduced to Marathon Consulting and they pointed out how our website was not optimized. Our website made by Marathon Consulting has paid for itself many times over. Every month, we process over 700 wash and fold orders and bring in over 90 new wash and fold customers.

We hired Marathon Consulting to develop an optimized website and they customize it for each of our wash and fold software customers. The more we help our customers grow, the more we get recommended. Our goal is to become the highest recommended software in the industry.