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Wash and Fold Consultation with Beverly Kay

A great part about being in the laundry business is I get the pleasure of speaking with other laundry owners and industry experts. I recently met with wash and fold expert Beverly Kay of and received invaluable advice.

She provided a lot of guidance on new services we can offer, how to enhance our customers’ experiences, places where we can raise our prices and maximize profits, and how to motivate our attendants to promote additional services.

Beverly was very impressed with our laundromat wash and fold POS software and how easy it is to use. The software enhances the customer experience, because customers are able to quickly drop off their clothes, the software remembers the customers’ laundry and payment preferences, customers get notified by e-mail when their laundry is ready for pickup, and the finished product looks polished with a professionally printed ticket. As a result this enhanced customer experience, Beverly felt that many laundromats would be able to increase their wash and fold prices by at least 10 cents per pound.

If you need any guidance regarding wash and fold and how to improve the wash and fold experience for your customers, I highly recommend talking to Beverly Kay. I’m confident you’ll walk away with new ideas on how to make your laundromat even more successful.