Empower Your Laundromat Business with an Advanced Laundry POS System

Unlock the true potential of your laundromat business with Curbside Laundries’ innovative laundry POS system. Our industry-leading software solution is a vital tool for successful entrepreneurs in the laundry business world. We help people build thriving and profitable laundromats.

Understand the Advantages of a Modernized Laundromat Business

We created our state-of-the-art laundry POS system to overcome the unique challenges of the laundry industry. Our advanced laundry software streamlines operations, enhances efficiency and increases potential profitability for laundromats.

Success in the laundromat business requires more than offering a place for the community to clean their clothes. Of course, a strategically positioned laundromat enjoys a loyal customer base and high market demand. But many laundromat owners don’t take full advantage of their business.

Curbside Laundries’ advanced laundry POS system makes life easier. The technology is optimized for smooth workflows, superior customer service, and maximizing revenue.

“We built this laundry POS system to manage our own laundromat in Long Beach, CA and we understand the needs of laundromat owners because we are laundromat owners ourselves.”

— Matt Simmons, Laundry Consultant

Fusing State-of-the-Art Technology with the Laundromat Industry

Curbside Laundries’ laundry POS system is built for the specific needs of a laundromat business. By uniting advanced technology with traditional laundromat operations, we offer user-friendly solutions to transform your laundry business.

The laundry business world brings a unique blend of challenges. Our advanced laundry POS system helps laundromat owners meet them head-on. The power of our platform allows people to stay ahead of the competition through improved efficiency and customer service.

Curbside Laundries POS system offers a range of features, including:

Testimonials from Satisfied Laundromat Owners

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some success stories from laundromat owners who have experienced the transformative power of Curbside Laundries’ laundry POS system. 

“We would not be able to run our business and maintain our stellar online reputation without it.” -Lee, Store Owner

“This is one of the best and easiest software to use even if you have no computer skills. Employees can use the software right away, after a little training. This software makes running the wash and fold business a lot more pleasurable.”

-Luis E., Store Owner

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Have the past behind and embrace the future with our advanced laundry POS system. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and our experienced team will happily answer any questions, concerns, or other inquiries.