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New Features: Multi Location Module

Our Laundry POS software just got better! We just add multi location functionality to our software.

The Curbside Laundries software is hosted in the cloud and now with the latest release, laundry owners can manage multiple locations using a single instance of the software. As a result:

• Owners can see how all of their stores are doing from any smartphone. This includes looking up any order, seeing how many pounds there are to launder at any given location, how many pounds each employee is laundering, which machines are being used for wash and fold, how much is spent on each machine for each order, and more…all from a single sign in.

• Pickup and delivery drivers can see which store has capacity and unload dirty laundry at any location. The clothes that are unloaded show up in THAT store’s laundry to do list. And the owner can see who is the most productive.

• Owners can now remotely set prices, set up services offered, customize automated notifications & laundry reminders for each store or just copy the settings from one store to another.

• Invoices for commercial clients are automatically generated and sent out for each location. Save time by not manually creating and e-mailing invoices.

• Owners can assign which employees work at each store. Simplify by creating a single account for each employee and track their productivity across multiple stores.

In the past, with software that was not in the cloud, multi-location laundry owners had to travel to each store to pull the information that they needed. Adding employees to the POS or changing prices also took a trip to the store. Start saving your time. With Curbside Laundries multi-location wash and fold software, laundry owners can access every part of the system and view every report from their home computer, tablet, or smartphone.