You are currently viewing New Features: Pay at Pickup, Correspondence Module, and More.

New Features: Pay at Pickup, Correspondence Module, and More.

Version 3.6 Coming Soon!

We like to keep our clients up to date with the latest version of our software. We are constantly adding new features to help you make more money and to make full service laundromats easier to manage. With this in mind, we will be releasing a major software update on June 27th 2018. Video tutorials going over these must have features will be released soon.


You will soon have the option to have customers choose to pay for their wash and fold WHEN they pick it up. Right now, customers have to pay at drop off or keep their credit card on file. Many customers are used to paying when they pick up their clothes and now you can give them that option. Our software makes it crystal clear who has paid for their clothes at drop off and who still needs to pay for their clothes at pickup, so you never accidentally return clean clothes without them being paid for.

Customers who choose to pay when they pickup their clothes can pay by cash, credit card, or check. You can choose whether you want allow customers to pay when they pick it up and whether you want to accept checks or not. Upon talking to numerous owners we found out that some laundromat owners want to tell their pay at pickup customers EXACTLY how much the order will be when they pickup their clothes. Other owners just give an ESTIMATE and then figure out the exact dollar amount after the clothes are laundered, to count for comforters and other per item charges. Our software supports both methods, which took twice the amount of development time. We are laundry owners and we want you to operate your business the way you want to. Now your customers can pay when they drop off their clothes, when they pick them up, or they can keep a credit card on file for Express Pay.


The correspondence module lets you choose what and how our software communicates with your clients. You will be able to customize the taglines of every ticket, receipt, and e-mail. You will also be able to choose whether you want to communicate to your clients by e-mail or text message. You can choose to e-mail in certain situations and text in other situations. In addition, you can print different messages on your receipts for over the counter sales, for in store wash and fold receipts, and for pickup and delivery receipts.

Here are some ideas you can write on your receipts, to help your laundromat increase its revenue:

  • Encourage customers to leave reviews on Yelp!, which will help you attract new customers
  • Encourage customers to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, to increase customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Provide wash and fold promotion codes to your self serve clients to get them to try your premium service
  • Promote your delivery business to in-store drop off clients: “Schedule your Laundry to be picked up at” Delivery customers spend nearly twice as much as in-store drop off customers, upsell them! Provide WiFi connection information to enhance their customer experience
  • Announce upcoming price increases so people expect the new change

As you can see, better communication makes you more money. Very Important: If you do pickup and delivery, you should write a welcome e-mail message that new customers will receive when they sign up online. This is an opportune place to thank them for trusting you with their laundry, explain your pickup and delivery procedures, your wash and fold process, and what to expect. You can create your welcome message now and copy and paste it when you get the new update.


Is your storage area filling up with unclaimed orders? We used to have a major problem of customers not picking up their clothes in a timely manner. Our software automatically reminds customers at 7, 21, and 30 days to pickup their clothes. However; sometimes, that is not enough. With this update, you will be able to send a text message reminder to a customer at the touch of a button. Pretty cool! Tap the green Reminder button on the Customer Pickup screen and a custom tailored text message gets sent to your client. This saves you time and frees up your storage space so you can accept more orders.


We recently found out that some states require tax on wash and fold. This came as a big surprise to us, because here in California we thought we had every type of tax there is. If your state taxes services, let us know so we can implement this feature for you.


Print to an external printer or the one built into your Point of Sale terminal.


Yes, some people still pay by check. Who can say no to someone who wants to pay you?


We got tired of telling our Canadian friends that we don’t support Canada yet. Now we do.


This report will show the names and e-mail addresses of prospective customers who tried scheduling laundry pickups, but were turned down because you do not currently service their zip code. This is a handy list so you can see where demand is, help you decide where to expand your delivery territory, and help you market to new customers when you do expand.


This will remind customers that they have a pickup or delivery scheduled for the next day and when the driver will be there. Reminders help ensure the clothes are there, ready for pickup. Eliminating ‘no shows’ will save your driver’s time and not waste gas.


This will e-mail you a reminder if you have pickups or deliveries scheduled tomorrow. We do pickup and deliveries every day, so checking the software is part of our daily routine; however, many of our clients pickup and delivery is a new service they are providing. Checking the software every day to see if there is a delivery scheduled was a hassle. Now our software will proactively reach out to you and let you know if there are scheduled pickups for the next day. A BIG thank you to our client, Michelle who recommended this much needed feature. This will save laundry owners lots of time and help ensure that they don’t miss any scheduled pickups. If you have scheduled pickups or deliveries, our software will e-mail you at 6 pm the day before. If any pickups are scheduled after 6 pm, then you will receive a reminder at 7 am the day of. This notification only gets sent out once, even if more deliveries are scheduled later. We don’t want to spam you, we just want to notify you.


Squashing bugs and making things run smoother.

We hope you enjoy the new features and that they help you run your business and make you MORE MONEY. We are proud of our software and are appreciative of your business. The more clients we have, the faster we can roll out new features to help your business. Please let other laundry owners know about our software, whether it’s at networking events, online forums, or other laundry get togethers. Tell them they can check out our software at and they can request an online demo at