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e44: The Ultimate Laundry Pickup Promotion

Watch this testimonial from Randy, owner of Laney’s Laundry, as he shares how Curbside Laundry’s software has transformed his business and increased customer engagement. Discover the power of text messaging coupons, real-time tracking, and personalized communication in this eye-opening conversation.



Matt: I asked Randy from Laney’s Laundry for a testimonial, and before you know it, we started talking about laundry. You’ve got to check out this conversation.

Randy: I recommend Curbside Laundry because their system is almost like hands off. Everything you want is there. I would have no clue where I’m going or where I’m headed without the software, especially for pickup and delivery. I can see in real time what the drivers are working on, which driver is working on it. I can see how much I made for the month, three months, a year. I can compare those numbers to last year’s numbers. I can see in real time if I’m having a bad month. Do I need to do a MailChimp zoom or a coupon or something? Last month, I saw the numbers going down a little bit, and I said, “Oh, this would be a perfect time to put out a coupon to some of the people I haven’t seen in a while.” And sure enough, I probably really did almost $2,000 in coupons, which was incredible. May have worked too well. It was the software that led me to do the coupon, so I’m thankful.

Matt: Awesome. Thank you. And you know when you mentioned the coupons, is the $1,800 in business from the coupons or actual $1,800 of redemption?

Randy: $1,800 in redemption. About $2,000 in redemption.

Matt: Wow. So the dollar amount of actual business from that is many thousands of dollars.

Randy: Yeah, the staff got upset with me. This next time you do a coupon, do one at a time. I think I did two or three of them. It was very overwhelming for them. I remember what I know too. Alright, let’s just do one coupon at a time. Not to overwhelm the staff.

Matt: Our manager Mary, she goes, “Matt, make it stop because those text messages, they really work. And it gets people.” I think it works for two reasons. The coupon is almost secondary. The primary thing is they might have forgotten about you or they fell off the radar or they just say, “Oh yeah, now’s a good time,” and then they place the order. And it’s just a reminder you’re out there.

Randy: Yeah, someone came in and said, “Wow, I didn’t know you did that. That was very nice. I feel like a part of the Laney’s Laundry family.” And then they asked, “Was this because I’m a good customer?” Yes, yes, yes!

Matt: People oftentimes question, should I do email or text message? And my rule of thumb is, good news should be by text message. Bad news or policy changes, email, such as price increases or things like that. Another nice part about text messages is that it’s more personal. When you get a text message, who’s text messaging you? It’s your friends. When Laney’s Laundry is text messaging people, it’s like you’re in their phone book. This is personal. This is like my friends, and Laney’s Laundry reaches out to me. So I think the method of delivery is powerful too.

Randy: Yes, yes it is. I like the text message better than an email. I know when they’re going to read that email or see that email. Text, their phones are in their hands, in their pockets, at all times. They get a text, say, “Oh,” immediately they know.

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