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e48: Inside the Laundry Van

Take a tour inside the Super Suds laundry van made just for wash and fold deliveries. The cabin is decked out with folding Ranger shelves, a hanging rod for dry cleaning, and a high ceiling so you don’t have to stoop.


I’m inside one of the Super Suds laundry vans, and one thing we do is we put all the clean orders on the shelves over here. These are Ranger shelves, and the dirty orders go on the floor, so we just throw the laundry bags on the floor of the cabin. Another thing we do at Super Suds is that all the collared shirts, we hang. I mean, everybody does it differently; some places charge 10 to 15 cents for each hanged item, but we just do that as a default at Super Suds. It helps to remember which orders have hanged items. On every ticket, it’ll say three packages and two hanged items, and that’s all taken care of in the software. Another thing that helps is just the visual indicator. Any order that does have hanged items, we just put on the shelf, right next to the order. One of the advantages of that is they don’t really slide around too much when they’re hung on the shelves.

In addition, we also have these hanging rods right over here. The issue with these is that the hanging items slide on the rack from left to right. Granted, we could get foam or something like that to create more friction or some type of rubber to prevent them from swinging back and forth, but what works well for us is that we keep the hanging items with the order right here on the shelves.

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