You are currently viewing Episode 33: How to Get Started With a Pickup and Delivery Laundry System

Episode 33: How to Get Started With a Pickup and Delivery Laundry System

In 3 minutes, you’ll learn the two most important things you need to acquire laundry pickup and delivery customers AND you will learn what you DON’T need. Laundry owners often put financial barriers of entry in front of themselves, but it turns out you can grow organically without spending a lot of money upfront.


How to Get Started With a Pickup and Delivery Laundry System

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Welcome to state of the laundry industry with laundry, Matt episode 33, how to get started with a pickup and delivery laundry system. People are getting into laundry, pickup and delivery because there are a lot of people who are making more money on laundry, pickup and delivery than the in-store drop off . And self-serve all put together and I’m talking about net profit, but there are some misconceptions. A lot of people are putting barriers of entry in front of themselves, stopping themselves from taking advantage of this huge opportunity. The misconception is they believe you need to get a totally decked out van spend 50, $60,000 on the van. Get it wrapped, put shelves in it. Also hire a full-time driver. But the reality is most laundry owners. When they get into pickup and delivery, they’re doing the pickup and delivery themselves, or they have an employee drop off the , or pick up the laundry before or after their shift. So when you first start doing pickup and delivery, you’re really picking up like one order, two orders. It takes time to grow. So it’s ideal to grow organically. So you don’t need to spend a gazillion dollars to get started. You could get started today. You really just need a way of attracting customers, such as a website and a strong online web presence, and also an easy way for customers to place orders. So soon as we made things easy at , at our laundromat , super subs for people to place orders, by having software, our pickup and delivery business went up by 32%. So it was drastic. And if you are still using an online form or saying text for a pickup , you’re behind the times and you gotta catch up, the hard part is getting people to your website. That’s something we help out at at curbside. But if you get somebody to your website, you need to make it easy for them to schedule a laundry pickup . And one of the things we did at curbside is the customer could just tap Google sign in and they’re in and they’re ready to place an order. So they don’t even need to credit username and password. So you gotta make it frictionless. So next week on our podcast, we’re gonna have a guest bill do who bought a 1200 square foot laundromat. And when he bought it, it only had 10 pickup and delivery customers. Then he implemented the curbside laundry solution. And within three years he had over 700 pickup and delivery customers and sold his little laundromat for more money than he ever expected. And he did this out of his Nissan Altima. So he was driving around, picking up the laundry. Then he had his employees do it later on, as he grew bigger, he never ever bought a van. Every time I talked to him, I could just imagine he had just piles of laundry in the passenger seat next to him. And he attributes a lot of his growth to curbside laundries and having the right solution in place. He would never have been able to sell his laundrymat for as much money as he did, if it wasn’t for the pickup and delivery business. In fact, the buyer specifically bought it because of the pickup and delivery business. He was kind of offended like, wait, what’s wrong with the laundromat, but the buyer was there because the pickup and delivery. So he did that. He grew his business and he did that out of his Nissan Altima. He

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Didn’t buy some fancy van with racks. No, you could get going with pickup and delivery today. And if some software companies out there pushing some ride share program said, Hey, you either need to use our ride share program, or you need to spend a hundred thousand dollars on a van and drivers and all this stuff. That’s just not true. And we’ve got some great, great success stories of our clients, crushing it and pick up and delivery out of their personal vehicles. So don’t put a barrier of entry in front of yourself. If you want to do pick up and delivery and tap into the market. There’s no time like the present to learn more about how to get started in pick up and delivery, go to curbside Don’t forget to click like and subscribe. See you next.