You are currently viewing Episode 34: CLA Wash Dry Fold Conference – Coin Laundry Association

Episode 34: CLA Wash Dry Fold Conference – Coin Laundry Association

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Welcome to the State of the Laundry Industry with Laundry, Matt , Episode 34, The Coin Laundry Association’s Wash Dry Fold Conference. The Coin Laundry Association is having a wash and fold workshop on November 16th and 17th, and I’m honored to be a speaker at the keynote session. The future of was and Fold , so was , and fold is becoming more and more of the norm. I mean, most laundry mats are self serve only, but more and more of the new laundry mats that are opening are opening with wash and fold right outta the gates. And why is that happening? Number one is because of money. So it used to be , in order to make the numbers work, they would just say, Oh, you gotta do more turns per day because the rising costs of different things to make the numbers work, in many cases, you have to do wash and fold , and you have to do it successfully. And we’ve got a great track record of helping out our clients, you know, both in wash and fold and pick up and delivery. And we even have some of the biggest distributors across the country telling their clients, If you do pick up and delivery, you gotta use curbside. So that’s one reason. Go with experience. You know, we’re not just selling software. We’ve got a laundromat , very successful. We’ve helped hundreds of lamas make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on top of the financial reasons why a lot of new owners are doing washing fold and pickup and delivery right outta the gates. There’s something else happening at the same time, which is consumer demand. More consumers are freeing up their time, or they’re paying money to free up their time. They’re outsourcing their chores. And laundry is one of the things that people are outsourcing. I mean, in 2010, we had to spend a lot of money at our family laundromat to do awareness campaigns. Now people already know what pickup and delivery is, and you don’t have to spend as much money letting people know that pickup and delivery is a thing. You could just work on your website, your web presence, online advertising, that type of thing to get people to your website. But you no longer have to grow the market. The market is there now, there’s more consumer demand for pickup and delivery and wash and fold than ever before. You’ve got new folks who are doing it right outta the gates. You’ve got old folks who have been doing it for a long time. But you know, there’s one thing everybody has in common. You’ve got to always step up your game. You cannot rest on your laurels. I mean, Ja , just last month I helped a client who’s been doing it for a long time, and they said, You know, my growth is slowed. And it turned out their web presence really just became blacklister. It was competitive at the time, but there’s new trends, new things you gotta do. So I helped him out with those things and, and they went from gaining one new customer every two days to gaining one new customer every single day. So they’re just ecstatic. So they’re back on track . But bottom line is the best way of learning more, of doing a better job is networking with other like-minded owners who wanna stay at top of their game. And there’s gonna be topnotch operators at the Washington Bolt Conference. So a lot of people, I’ve got tremendous respect for sharing strategies, marketing strategies, advertising, folding techniques, you know, talk about pickup and delivery route creation or more. And you’re gonna get speakers speaking officially about all these things. But I think the most valuable

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Thing is just getting everybody together because there’s no replacement for that, for those conversations that you have. You’re gonna , you get out what you put in, you get together with other like-minded owners , and you’re gonna get out a lot more than you ever would during like a Zoom meeting. So this, so I’m , I’m really excited. I think it’s great that everybody’s getting together, and I hope you can make it. The link for the Washington Forward Conference will be in the show notes. Also, if you like to learn more about the curbside LA point of sale and pick up and delivery solution, go to curbside And don’t forget to click like or subscribe so you can keep up to date with the latest happenings. See you next time.