You are currently viewing Episode 36: Laundromat For Sale Near me

Episode 36: Laundromat For Sale Near me

This deal includes two laundromats, one owned, one leased, 2 newer cargo vans, one box truck, and he is only asking $950k. The laundromat is just East of Pittsburgh. Send inquiries to

The owner is using Curbside Laundries software solution and visited our family’s laundromat to learn how to grow his business. The owner appeared in a previous podcast episode, hear his story direct:

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One of our clients over at Curbside Laundries is selling his business, and I’m helping him out because he has to sell due to personal reasons. But this is also just an amazing opportunity for somebody looking to just crush it and wash and forward and pick up and delivery and just hit the ground running and then some. So in just two years, this owner with our help grew his business to over a half million dollars in Washington Fold . Take a look at his year over year growth. For example, in July, 2022, he grossed nearly $50,000, and just one year ago, during the same month, he gross $20,000. We’re talking about it , two and a half times growth in many months. He saw even greater growth and he’s actually turning down business. He’s waiting for more washing washers to arrive in the mail , and then he is gonna be able to just do even more business. And there’s a general manager who runs the Dayday. So again, it’s just a great opportunity and it’s not just the wash and fold business he’s selling. It’s two different laundromats, one laundromat, they own one , they’re leasing. It also includes three vehicles, two brand new cargo vans and one box truck. So they’re asking nine or $50,000, and in my opinion, that is just way too low. I think it’s because a lot of laundry owners may be looking at that brand new shiny store, but here you’ve got a business that’s already up and running with just amazing location and the future is unlimited. I mean, they’re just tapping the surface. So if you are interested in this opportunity with Wash and Fold , that has tremendous growth potential two locations, and you already have the revenue stream, I mean that’s one way of lowering a risk is when you already know there’s a revenue stream and there’s a general manager who handles the day to day . So it doesn’t get better than that. We’ve recently helped a client get a five times multiplier, and knowing that this business has a general manager who runs the day by day , I mean this is just, in my opinion, it’s a fire sale . So hopefully somebody good gets in there and helps take this business to the next level. It’s already growing at Insane Rate and somebody just needs to grab the reins. So if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, I have the email address and the comments section or the note section or the video. So feel free to check that out. If you are looking at getting started with pickup and delivery, curbside is always happy to help out. So we’ve got a very successful long amount over in Long Beach. We’ve helped hundreds of clients to earn five figures per month, and we’ve got a number of clients as well, hitting six figures a month as well. Again, we don’t guarantee success, but we do provide guidance to help people reach that next level the best of success. Finding the right buyer for this opportunity, my opinion, it is way too cheap, but you know, if the seller’s looking to sell quickly, maybe it’s the right price. To learn more about the curbside LA’s pickup delivery, and wash and fold and point of sale solution, go to curbside See you next time.-Y