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Meeting Customer Expectations

The Wash Dry Fold business is part of the service industry which is notorious for high expectations. Wash Dry fold customers pay a premium, because they are paying for an experience which includes: convenience and service. Positive experiences create loyal customers and negative experiences cause customers to renege.


Laundry owners often advertise the wash dry fold service as the “4 minute wash”. Two minutes to drop off and two minutes to pick it up. This is effective marketing, because it focuses the customer mind on convenience, which justifies premium pricing.

Curbside Laundries software allows laundromats to offer the most convenient wash and fold service there is, which is pick up and delivery. Our software also makes it convenient for in store customers by speeding up the drop off and pick up process. The Curbside Laundries software stores the customers’ preferences and credit card information. This allows customers to drop off their laundry without having to swipe a credit card or reexplain how they want their clothes laundered. When customers go to pick up their clothes, the software tells the attendant exactly where the clothes are. This speeds up pick up. If the attendant spends a long time trying to locate the customer’s clothes, then the customer experience suffers. The faster the customer is able to drop off and pick up, the better the customer’s experience will be.


The wash and fold business is part of the service industry. Customers have high levels of expectations and mistakes are costly. Every time a laundromat mixes up an order, it has the potential to lose two customers and an employee. No amount of store credit can restore the trust from the customer who lost their clothes nor the customer who received someone else’s clothes. In addition, the laundromat may have part ways with the employee who mishandles the orders. The best way to provide top notch service and reduce turnover is to avoid mistakes in the first place.

The Curbside Laundries software makes it easy for employees to create and process orders. The user interface only shows necessary information, is organized, and is easy to use. Numerous tasks are automated to minimize the opportunity for mistakes. In addition, our software keeps track of every order from order from creation to completion. The software comes with forensic auditing, which shows you exactly who touched each order, when they touched it, and what they did with it. If mistakes are still made, laundry owners can immediately find out exactly who is responsible and what happened. Many laundromats using less sophisticated solutions know that mistakes are happening, but have no way to find out what is causing the problem.

Our software helps eliminate common mistakes in the wash and fold industry, such as mixed up orders, incorrect weight, payment issues, returning unpaid orders, setting wrong expectations on when the order will be ready, illegible tickets, keeping track of customers’ unique preferences, and more.


Wash and fold customers pay for convenience and service. By delivering on convenience while providing top notch service, customers will be loyal and online reviews will be positive. In other words, meeting customers’ expectations results in higher customer retention and growth.