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POS X TP5 Point of Sale Terminal for Laundromats

Recently POSX ran a customer success story about Brio Laundry using their hardware running the Curbside Laundries wash and fold software.

We would like to thank our Business Partner POSX for their spotlight on the laundry industry. POSX makes top of the line point of sale terminals for numerous industries. Curbside Laundries makes the wash and fold software for laundromats we run our software runs on the POSX terminal. We love the POSX systems, because they have a great form factor, are compact, commercial grade, have a touch screen, built in thermal ticket printer, built in credit card reader, and they offer a three year overnight warranty on their hardware.

Brio Laundry originally used a Point of Sale system made for a different industry and by switching over to Curbside Laundries software it streamlined their operations, because our laundromat software tracked open orders, pounds to be laundered, special instructions, and shelf location. Brio Laundry is a very innovative laundromat, which serves the Bellingham Washington area.

Check out the article here and make sure to press the, “Download Case Study” button to see the whole article.