Hear what store owners, managers, employees and customers say about Curbside Laundries.

“We would not be able to run our business and maintain our stellar online reputation without it.”

Lee S. - Store Owner

“After using and comparing Curbside software to other laundry and dry cleaning software systems, including the one I own and have used for years I decided to switch to Curbside. It is so intuitive and easy to use, it was obviously designed by a laundry guy for laundry use, without the quirks that to me make the other systems a bit cumbersome and harder to learn and navigate. Training attendants to use the system is simple. The software walks you right to where you want to go and asks the relevant questions. It creates such an organized and efficient system, that it saves time and headaches.”

Thomas P. - Store Owner

“This is one of the best and easiest software to use even if you have no computer skills. Employees can use the software right away, after a little training. This software makes running the wash and fold business a lot more pleasurable.”

Luis E. - Store Manager

“Customer drop off is fast, especially once the customer is in the system”

Denise Y. - Employee

“The layout of the words, numbers, and colors makes it easy to use for those of us that are not tech-savvy. My favorite part is the scale is directly connected to the system. It automatically enters in the weight of the clothes and eliminates mistakes.”

Frank T. - Employee

“Dropping off my clothes at the laundromat is a breeze. I’m able to get in and out very quickly.”

Scott S. - Customer

“Scheduling my clothes to be picked up and cleaned from my phone is super convenient. I will never go back to folding my own clothes.”

Gary L. - Customer

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Our software processes fluff & fold and dry cleaning orders for both in store and delivery business.