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Pickup & Delivery

Why Pickup and Delivery Makes You More Money Than In-Store Wash and Fold

This is a MUST watch video.  Find out why pickup and delivery makes more money than in store wash and fold.  This video uses ACTUAL data from our family's laundromat.  


Watch the driver's list update in real time.  Change the route on one device and the route is changed on all of your driver's devices in real time.  Add an order to the route from anywhere and the driver's list gets updated too.  

Customer Pickup and Delivery Scheduling Tool 

Your laundromat customers can use their phones to schedule pickups and deliveries for their laundry. Orders will show up in your driver’s list and customers will be notified when the driver is on his way.

POS Software for Laundromat

Wash and Fold Software Overview

Our laundromat software is built from the ground up around the wash and fold process. Manage and track every order from beginning to end.

Watch a REAL transaction Using Curbside

The Curbside Laundries wash and fold POS gets the customer in and out within 30 seconds!  It saves the customers laundry and payment preferences, grabs the weight from the scale, prints out the ticket in, and tracks each order from beginning to end.

Creating a New Wash and Fold Order 

See how easy it is to create a new wash and fold order. Keep track of your customers’ preferences and payment preferences. Customers are automatically notified when their order is ready for pickup.

Laundering the Clothes

Our software makes it easy to track and launder multiple fluff and fold orders at once. We have new features since this video was made to track the money spent on each order and which machines were used.

Laundry POS Register

Sell over the counter laundry items using the Curbside Laundries Register. Get notified in real time if there is a cash reconciliation issue, missing inventory, or if you need to order more inventory.


Our reports help you grow your business, retain customers, track every order, track your employees’ productivity, and track your revenue.


New Laundromat Website = New Customers 

Find out how a top notch website for your laundromat can earn you new customers. We provide an enterprise grade website for your laundromat as part of our wash and fold software POS package.


Commercial Invoicing Module

Save time and let our software automatically generate invoices and e-mail them to your commercial clients.  In addition, you can schedule recurring pickup and deliveries for them too!

Laundering Tips

Find out the most common wash and fold mistakes and how to avoid them.

Machine and Quarter Tracking

Our software tracks how much money was spent on each wash dry fold order and which machines were used.  Help eliminate theft and promote efficiency.


Webinar:  How to Get Started With Pickup and Delivery

Discover how to dominate your market, attract new customers, and keep your machines spinning day and night.

Webinar:  How to Get Started With Pickup and Delivery

Questions and Answers

One hour of pickup and delivery questions from laundry owners.

Webinar:  How to attract Commercial Accounts

Discover which industries to target, how to attract them, and how to quadruple your average order size.

Webinar:  How to Super CHARGE your Pickup and Delivery Business

Whether you are new to pickup and delivery or a seasoned veteran, there is something in here for you.  Learn how to earn thousands of dollars per customer per year and lots more.  Tons of concrete strategies that work.

Ready To See It In Action?

Our software processes fluff & fold and dry cleaning orders for both in store and delivery business.