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New Features: Quarter and Machine Tracking, Discounts, and More

Quarter and Machine Tracking

Now you can track which machines were used on each order and how much money was put in each washing machine and dryer.

    Why is machine tracking important?

  • Keep track of how much money is spent on each order.
  • Make sure the right machine mix is being used on each order. No more 80 lb machines used on 20 lb orders.
  • Save on utilities as you can help eliminate employees over ‘cooking’ the clothes in the dryer.
  • See a LIVE view of which machines your attendants are using.
  • You can automatically deduct money spent on wash and fold from the register. No more manual reconciling.
  • See what time orders are processed. Are they using too many machines at once, creating a shortage for your self-service customers?

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Now we have THREE types of discounts

    If done right Discounts can be used as tools to attract new customers and retain the ones you have. Customers love discounts. For over a year, we have had promo codes that can be used for in store and pickup and delivery orders. These promo codes could only be used one time per customer.

  • Promotion Codes: Each promo code can be used once per customer.
  • Customer Specific Discounts: Permanent discounts for your employees, such as military or commercial customer discounts.
  • General Discounts: Take a percentage or dollar amount off any wash and fold or point of sale order

Wash and Fold Tickets have a NEW look!

We enhanced the look of our wash and fold tickets so they are easier to read. Your launderers and customers can clearly see the special wash and fold instructions, the # of bags for each order, and the location of where the order is stored. In addition, we removed the dollar amount from the wash and fold ticket. A receipt with the dollar amount is already given to the customer at the time of payment. In addition, if it is a pickup and delivery order, a receipt is automatically e-mailed to them. This way we are no longer inundating customers with how much they spent at your laundromat.

New Transaction Report!

This might be one of the most underrated and one of the most valuable new features. We added a daily transaction report to our Owner’s Report section. Now you can see how many over the counter sales you made, how many pickup and delivery orders were made, and how wash and fold order you brought in, how many wash and fold orders were paid for, and better track your business for any time period. You’re going to love this report.

Honorable Mentions:

We updated the owner and manager role so it only shows those supervisorial functions, such as looking up past orders, system maintenance, and reviewing reports.

The customer’s instructions for the driver is now saved, so they only need to tell you one time, how to get to their home and where the laundry will be.