The Curbside Laundries software solution is packed with custom features to simplify your wash and fold operations and exceed your customers’ expectations. Many of these features are only possible, because the Curbside Laundries software is designed from the ground up by laundromat owners for laundromat owners.

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Fully Automated

Accept Fluff and Fold orders in less than 30 seconds.

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Delivery Service

Customers can schedule their own pick up and deliveries.

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Dry Cleaning

Print out garment tags and outsource dry cleaning.

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Robust Reporting

View real time business, customer, and employee reports.

Role Based System Access

Employees only see what they need to see, which makes the app easy to learn.

Attendant’s Role

Attendants create and retrieve orders for customers.

Launder’s Role

Launderers view the list of wash and fold orders and mark them complete.

Driver’s Role

View the list of delivery orders from a tablet and select the destination.

Manager’s Role

Specialized toolkit to help manage the business and employees.

Owner’s Role

Complete system access, global settings, and robust reporting functionality.

Mac Screen Features

Wash & Fold Features

Our solution manages the wash & fold and dry cleaning process for both in store and delivery business.


Our software grows with your business. There is no charge for adding attendants, launderers, drivers, routes, or access points to our system.

Multiple Access Points

Our cloud based solution allows employees to access the software from computers and tablets. Launderers and drivers can do their job using tablets and owners can monitor their wash and fold business from home.

Quick Find

Software tells the attendant exactly where orders are and how many packages they include. Retrieving the customers’ clothes quickly builds trust.


Find out who touched each order, when they touched it, and what they did with the order. This helps you identify and resolve any issues.

Professional Ticket Printing

Print out custom branded tickets to track each order and give your wash and fold service a professional look.

Dry Cleaning

Flexible dry cleaning integration allows you to tag each order and/or print out washable tags for each individual garment.

Prepay and Autopay

Customers can prepay when they drop off their laundry or leave their credit card on file to autopay when their wash and fold service is completed.

Customer Features

Customers can manage their own accounts, which saves your employees time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our software makes each customer feel special by remembering their unique information, wash and fold preferences, delivery instructions, order history, and more.

Customer Portal

Customers can schedule their own wash and fold pick-up and delivery service.

Social Media Login

Customers can quickly log into the customer portal using their Facebook or Google credentials.

Online Order Tracking

Customers can track their orders online from inception to delivery.

Fully Automated Notifications

Automatic reminders and notifications are sent to customers via text and e-mail. Great communication leads to great Yelp reviews.

Payment Management System

Customers are automatically notified by e-mail if a credit card payment fails and can update their payment information online. Our software ensures clothes are not returned, before they are paid for.

Anti-Aging Functionality

The Curbside Laundries app sends out scheduled reminders to customers to pick up their clothes.

Management Features

Manage and grow your business from anywhere with these tools.


View important information such as the number of pounds to be laundered, credit card payment failures, and completed orders that haven’t been picked up yet.

Business Reports

Dedicated business reports track revenue, total orders, total pounds, drop off vs delivery, and average order sizes.

Employee Reports

Create cash reconciliation reports for each employee and track the total number of pounds laundered by each employee during any time period.

Coupon Management System

Offer coupons to attract new customers and build customer loyalty.

Robust Reporting Suite

View real time business, customer, and employee reports from any computer.

Customer Reports

Track each customer’s orders and spending, track new customers, and view the locations of your customers on a map so you know which areas to target.

Smart Calendar

Integrated calendar automatically creates available pick-up and delivery times based upon driver’s schedule and daily laundering capacity.

Ready To See It In Action?

Our software processes fluff & fold and dry cleaning orders for both in store and delivery business.