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e45: Super Suds Laundromat Visit

Andrea from Let’s Talk Dirty Laundry flew from Florida to California to visit Super Suds. All Curbside Laundries wash and fold POS software clients are invited to visit Super Suds and learn from Wash and Fold experts.


Matt: A little known secret at Curbside Laundries is that we invite all of our clients to visit Super Suds, which is our family’s laundromat. In this episode, Andrea from Let’s Talk Dirty Laundry talks about why she flew out from Florida to visit our laundromat in Long Beach, California.

Andrea: I went with Curbside Laundries because we really had a need for pickup and delivery and didn’t have any software to do anything. I found them and came out here to Super Suds because the team has been very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. So I’m here at Super Suds in Long Beach to learn about how they use the software to do pickup and delivery, folding, binning, and all that fun stuff. When I purchased the business, the previous owner had advertised pickup and delivery, so there were a few customers. However, it was just kind of very ad hoc. They would call, and someone would just go grab it, which wasn’t really scalable. I had a lot of things to repair at the laundry, like equipment and things, that were taking a lot of my focus. I wasn’t really ready for pickup and delivery yet, but people were calling me every day wanting it. So I knew I needed to really jump in and do it, and I really needed software to do it. That’s why I chose Curbside. And we have a van too, and we’re just going like 100 percent to do pickup and delivery, and it’s growing every week. At least every week, I get one new person.

I came out to visit Super Suds because they’re the experts in laundry wash and fold, pickup and delivery. And I really thought it was a great opportunity to learn from other people, even though I’ve been doing this for a little while. Any little tips or tricks, you never know what’s going to help you in the long run. And sharing information is always really important to me. And I’m really happy to have my first laundry community connection.

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