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Secret to Advertising Your Laundry Service

Which advertising works best? What is your return investment on digital advertising? With innovations from Curbside Laundries, you can measure to the dollar which digital advertisement campaigns are earning you the most money, attracting the most clients, and resulting in the most orders placed.


Unlock Advertising Potential: Laundry owners can now track the success of their advertising investments. The report reveals the names, phone numbers, and spending habits of every customer acquired through advertising, enabling businesses to identify which campaigns are driving the most sales.

Strategic Decision-Making: With precise data on customer spending, order frequency, and the effectiveness of each digital ad campaign, laundromats can make informed decisions about where to double down on marketing efforts and where to stop investing, optimizing their budget for maximum impact.

Building Customer Relationships: The report emphasizes the importance of retention and customer relationships. By tracking customer spending over months or years, businesses can focus on fostering long-term loyalty, turning new customers into repeat clients and enhancing overall profitability.

Empowering Growth: By providing a list of prospective customers who clicked on ads but haven’t placed an order yet, the ROAS report equips businesses with actionable leads to target through personalized marketing efforts, ensuring that advertising investments are effectively converting leads into paying customers.