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American Coin Op Press Release

At Curbside Laundries we are constantly working on new features to help our clients make more money. American Coin Op featured our latest New Feature Press Release in their December 2018 issue.

Curbside Laundries provides point of sale software specifically designed to manage the wash and fold process from beginning to end for both in store and pickup and delivery orders.

Its software will be updated to version 3.7, which features a highly requested machine and quarter tracking module, the company says. Laundry owners will know exactly which machines were used on each wash and fold order and how much money was inserted. The amount spent by the attendant can be automatically deducted from the register. At the end of each shift, the owner is automatically e-mailed if the cash drawer does not reconcile, providing accountability that helps prevent problems from happening.

Instead of having employees manually record how much they spent on each order in a spiral notebook, which is time consuming and labor intensive, an operator using Curbside Laundries POS can quickly collect and view this information in real time from any smartphone, the company says. Quarter tracking is one of the most demanded POS features among coin operated laundromats, Curbside adds, and owners using card systems can also benefit from knowing the appropriate machine mix used for each order.

New promotion and discount features have been added, too. Laundry owners can now set up one time promo codes, wash and fold discounts, and customer specific discounts.

The Express Pay is now available for commercial clients and residential clients alike. It allows clients to keep their credit card on file, and Curbside says its research has shown customers who keep their cards on file come by more often and spend more. Commercial accounts value Express Pay because they do not need to give the company credit card to their employees.

New features are tested at several Laundromats, feedback is given and modifications are made before being released to all Curbside Laundries software clients. Because the software is cloud-based, customers are automatically updated to the latest version the next time they log in.

Instructional e-mails and videos describing the new features and how to use them are distributed to clients before the update is released.